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Domaine Michel Pichet, Jura - Golden Discovery

This winery is located in the Jura. The Jura vineyards including 6 groups whose names Arbois, Château Chalon, star, Jura Côtes du Jura Macvin and AOC Crémant du Jura. This vineyard operates several grape varieties of which almost 45 % of production is represented by Chardonnay alone. The other varieties of the region is mainly represented by the savagnin the poulsard, pinot noir, keychain, ... Discover the wines and vineyards of the Jura!


“Golden Wine” (Vin Jaune) is one of the world's great wines, originated from Château Chalon wine area in Jura, France. Of all the denominations of Vin Jaune available, Cedric successfully stocked less than a hundred bottles of Château Chalon from winemaker Michel Pichet who only produced wine for private sharing and has never sold his wines before. Château Chalon (Vin Jaune) is at its best to be enjoyed at just under room temperature, between 14-16°C.  It pairs particularly well with Comté Cheese, Hairy Crab, Chicken in Morel Sauce, or Walnut Pie. You need to try it yourself to discover the mystery of this Golden Wine and Golden Pairing!           

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