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Domaine Du Clos Des Fées (Hervé Bizeul), Roussillon

Hervé Bizeul works as a sommelier – amongst others for some time in Berlin – before he settles in Roussillon in 1997, to make wine. 


Bizeul knows what it takes to be successful. The visionary winemaker looks for the very best soils and vineyards with old vines. He pays attention to every detail in all his vinification to all his plots. Most significantly reflected, the rare “La Petite Sibérie” – the grapes of which come from a slope with red slate soil over limestone. There is a lot of iron in the soil, before the Second World War the iron was even quarried in a mine in the direct vicinity. In “Little Siberia”, as the relatively cool plot at the altitude of almost 300 metres is jokingly called, the old Grenache vines are exposed to the wind day after day. It is from such spectacular vineyards that Bizeul presses rich and round red wines which are constantly kept in balance by minerals. In addition, he also produces a white wine from the old vines of the varieties Grenache blanc and Grenache gris.                                                                                               

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